Monday, October 20, 2008

Where has the last 20 months gone?

Seriously, Where has the time gone? Twenty months has flown by! A lot of it a blur of sleepless nights and hourly feedings, but mostly wonderful happy moments. Our twins have become very independent, exploratative little people. They are no longer our "little babies"! We are currently in the process of weaning, yes I am still nursing our twins. We are having little emotional outburst because they think they can nurse at any given moment! We are trying to limit it to nap time and bedtime....Their vocabulary is booming. They have both begun to put sentences together! Our little man says, "Can I have a bite? Where'd it go? What's that? Apple, Airplane, Outside" and many more. Our little lady isn't as vocal as her big brother! She does say "Mommy stuck, please, What's that?" and a few more. They are a blast and I am so very thankful for them every day! Here's to the next stages!

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  1. They do grow up so fast! Kaitlin (my daughter, who is about their age) is going to be two next month.

    Good luck on the weaning process. Kaitlin didn't nurse (she wouldn't) but I remember how difficult it was for me to wean Christopher. I think sometimes it can be more difficult a habit for us to break than it is for them. At least it was for me anyway!


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