Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun at the controls!

My little ones got a chance to look around one of the trainers yesterday! Turning knobs and pushing buttons is always fun! Does this mean we have a few engineers on our hands?

I'm out!

Yesterday was my husband's last day at his current job. As excited as we are for the next stage in our lives, it was a sad day. My husband was more emotional about the fact he wouldn't be teaching in the classroom for awhile than he thought he was going to be. He loved teaching and meeting his students. He graduated 120 Jet Engine students, Received his Master Instructor hours, completed his Bachelor's Degree and worked hard and volunteered for the Squadron's Booster Club. He is an amazing Man, husband, father, friend and teacher. I have enjoyed having him home in a non-deployable career field with holidays and weekends off. It has meant stability. We are looking forward to what is coming next but know with it will most likely come just a little stress as we transition. We have enjoyed our 12 years here and will miss those who have become family away from family. We are trying hard to keep God the focus in our time of change.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Out of the Microwave!

Can you believe that this yummy goodness came out of the microwave? My husband came across a single slice of chocolate cake recipe and we indulged. I do not want to know how this is made for I fear that I will crave a slice of chocolate cake often. As for last night it was a yummy treat that my wonderful husband entertained us with!

2nd Grade has started!

Our 2nd grade year of Home Schooling has officially started. Our daughter is so excited to be in the 2nd grade. I am in love with Home shooling. There may be the stresses of trying to get on a good schedule, worrying if you can handle teaching your child and just trying to keep your cool when your kids decide this is not the day I am going to be agreeable. With all of the stress that comes with it, I love the growth I have seen in our daughter's ability to self motivate, enter into social situations excitedly and progress in her learning! I love having my children around me and I love knowing that I can control the situations my children encounter. I don't have to worry about bullies, opposition to our faith and my children have become close. They may have their moments but I truly feel that they enjoy being around one another. Cheers to the 2009-2010 school year, how ever you go about it. Know that you know what is best for your child and family and with God all things can be done.

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