Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Already?

Wow! We finally made it! We are in Spain and pretty much settled. It has been quite the adventure. We left the United States on Oct. 6 but not without a few bumps. At the airport I was told upon check in that I could not be checked all the way through and I could either spend the night in Atlanta to catch a flight the next day or fly to Miami and wait there for a later flight. I had to make it to Miami because that was where I was to meet my husband. I was not about to attempt to travel half the world away with three kids by myself. Luckily, they were able to get my on a flight a few minutes earlier that would allow them the time to check me all the way through. This turned out to be a huge blessing as it meant my luggage did not have to be picked up and rechecked in Madrid.
Made it to Miami, met my husband and rushed to the international side of the airport. No time to snack or pee....did allow for diaper changes and then onto our 11 hour flight. Kids ate, played and slept on the flight...they were great....I couldn't sleep with all those people around it was hard to sleep well and feel like I was keeping my eye on my kids...and I started reading Twilight and could not put it down.
Made it to Madrid...If there is a more confusing airport on the planet, I would be surprised. Had to find baggage claim (My husband's luggage was not checked all the way through) pick up his stuff and carry it to what seemed like another airport. Checked his stuff in and made it to our flight...We were put in first class and the kids had a blast with the food, toys and the ride. Finally we land in Jerez (Hereth)....and met up with our friends and enjoyed our ride to the base.
The base is small and so lovely...We love it! The people have been so welcoming and nice! The weather great.
We spent 29 days in lodging. We spent Halloween at the Drive in! My birthday moving into our house and now we are wearing capris and flip flops for Thanksgiving. It does not feel like November! We are so blessed to be here and loving it! All the bumps were worth the blessing we have received. Oh and We are in Spain.
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