Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have to say that I love this little guy! He is so full of energy and so different from my daughters. He loves a good hug and kiss but also a good punch and kick (he enjoys giving them, somthing to do with being Super). He can run super fast especially when wearing his superman cape. He loves watching motorcycles, police cars and fire trucks.
He is such a boy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November Already?

Wow! We finally made it! We are in Spain and pretty much settled. It has been quite the adventure. We left the United States on Oct. 6 but not without a few bumps. At the airport I was told upon check in that I could not be checked all the way through and I could either spend the night in Atlanta to catch a flight the next day or fly to Miami and wait there for a later flight. I had to make it to Miami because that was where I was to meet my husband. I was not about to attempt to travel half the world away with three kids by myself. Luckily, they were able to get my on a flight a few minutes earlier that would allow them the time to check me all the way through. This turned out to be a huge blessing as it meant my luggage did not have to be picked up and rechecked in Madrid.
Made it to Miami, met my husband and rushed to the international side of the airport. No time to snack or pee....did allow for diaper changes and then onto our 11 hour flight. Kids ate, played and slept on the flight...they were great....I couldn't sleep with all those people around it was hard to sleep well and feel like I was keeping my eye on my kids...and I started reading Twilight and could not put it down.
Made it to Madrid...If there is a more confusing airport on the planet, I would be surprised. Had to find baggage claim (My husband's luggage was not checked all the way through) pick up his stuff and carry it to what seemed like another airport. Checked his stuff in and made it to our flight...We were put in first class and the kids had a blast with the food, toys and the ride. Finally we land in Jerez (Hereth)....and met up with our friends and enjoyed our ride to the base.
The base is small and so lovely...We love it! The people have been so welcoming and nice! The weather great.
We spent 29 days in lodging. We spent Halloween at the Drive in! My birthday moving into our house and now we are wearing capris and flip flops for Thanksgiving. It does not feel like November! We are so blessed to be here and loving it! All the bumps were worth the blessing we have received. Oh and We are in Spain.

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Leg!

We have survived part 1 of our move to Spain. The packers began boxing up our things on Monday the 31st and finished up on the 1st. The kids didn't seem to mind that our stuff was wrapped in brown paper and couldn't be touched. It was different and cool in a weird way. Once all of our stuff was loaded up on the truck, we were able to clean the house to turn it back into the base. We had a day of nothing to do before my husband had appointments for final preparations. We turned the keys into our house on Friday afternoon and thankfully I went along with my husband. Knowing the person who was going to inspect was going to be female my husband wanted me to tag along and sure enough the flirting could not have been more evident. I have never been more ignored until I made some nice witty comments my husband found comical and my presence and position were made clear. I found it quite comical that there are people as bold as she. Once that was over, we went and enjoyed a final dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Our Friday was spent hanging out and saying goodbye to good friends. I hope I didn't seem unemotional at the time of our goodbyes but I had a hard time later that evening knowing it would be awhile before seeing those great people again. I was also saddened because there were some really great people we didn't get the opportunity to say goodbye to. Early Saturday morning we were up at 3 am getting ready to head to the airport. After dressing sleepy kids we were on the road 20 minutes late. We got to the airport only to find a gaggle of un-organization. Once we figured out what we needed to do, we got to the desk to hand over our luggage and get our tickets. We asked if my husband could go back and assist me (something we have done many times in the past when I travel alone with kids) and the lady said his government ID was not proper identification. I would think a federal ID would supersede a state ID but what do I know! Finally after figuring out that it wasn't just a Washington ID she needed, my husband showed her his drivers licence and was able to get a security pass. On the bottom it said Military member assistance, so my question stands if his Military ID card wasn't good enough why then did it have it's own subcategory?....I was perplexed. We got the kids, coats, backpacks, car seats and ourselves through security, not quickly but efficiently. They were boarding as soon as we got to the gate which left little time to say goodbye to my husband. The flight attendants were great and helped my get all the kids situated and stowed the stuff I did not need directly on the flight. Thank goodness I did not have a layover anywhere I am not sure how that would have worked trying to get all the stuff from A to B alone. The flight itself was great. My oldest sat alone across the aisle next to a young girl who chatted away with my one who can talk forever, it was perfect. The twins took turns sleeping so it was easy to entertain one at a time. Of course, I was snack queen and pulled out my arsenal of yummies and all was good. Once we landed, we waited for everyone else to get off the plane. The flight attendants had my stuff waiting for me when I got off the plane, I just had to get it loaded up. My parents came down the ramp to my rescue and helped me get all my stuff and my kiddos out of there. My husband left the next day and drove with his mom to the next base for training. We have been on separate sides of the country for almost a full week and we miss each other greatly. I am enjoying not having much (other than the kids and what they are getting into) to stress over. My parents and sister are awesome and have really made us feel at home. It isn't hard to do when your family is awesome! The kids are doing okay. The girls are doing well but my little man is having a hard time. He yells for daddy esp. at bed time. Our conversations have mostly been about getting back on an airplane. Now he knows his dad is in California, he wants to go to Calipornia (he still can't say the 'f" sound). So our nights have been a little difficult to get him to sleep. My husband is a little bored in his training, he has gone from teacher to student and has a fairly new teacher who is intimidated by his Master Instructor status! My poor husband spent his birthday alone and starting his new class. He is trying to keep himself busy on his downtime but is enjoying the warmer weather. The first week of October we will be leaving the United States. I am super nervous and excited! We will keep you posted as things happen!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun at the controls!

My little ones got a chance to look around one of the trainers yesterday! Turning knobs and pushing buttons is always fun! Does this mean we have a few engineers on our hands?

I'm out!

Yesterday was my husband's last day at his current job. As excited as we are for the next stage in our lives, it was a sad day. My husband was more emotional about the fact he wouldn't be teaching in the classroom for awhile than he thought he was going to be. He loved teaching and meeting his students. He graduated 120 Jet Engine students, Received his Master Instructor hours, completed his Bachelor's Degree and worked hard and volunteered for the Squadron's Booster Club. He is an amazing Man, husband, father, friend and teacher. I have enjoyed having him home in a non-deployable career field with holidays and weekends off. It has meant stability. We are looking forward to what is coming next but know with it will most likely come just a little stress as we transition. We have enjoyed our 12 years here and will miss those who have become family away from family. We are trying hard to keep God the focus in our time of change.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Out of the Microwave!

Can you believe that this yummy goodness came out of the microwave? My husband came across a single slice of chocolate cake recipe and we indulged. I do not want to know how this is made for I fear that I will crave a slice of chocolate cake often. As for last night it was a yummy treat that my wonderful husband entertained us with!

2nd Grade has started!

Our 2nd grade year of Home Schooling has officially started. Our daughter is so excited to be in the 2nd grade. I am in love with Home shooling. There may be the stresses of trying to get on a good schedule, worrying if you can handle teaching your child and just trying to keep your cool when your kids decide this is not the day I am going to be agreeable. With all of the stress that comes with it, I love the growth I have seen in our daughter's ability to self motivate, enter into social situations excitedly and progress in her learning! I love having my children around me and I love knowing that I can control the situations my children encounter. I don't have to worry about bullies, opposition to our faith and my children have become close. They may have their moments but I truly feel that they enjoy being around one another. Cheers to the 2009-2010 school year, how ever you go about it. Know that you know what is best for your child and family and with God all things can be done.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beautiful Friday!

Just wanted to share one of my favorite photos from our day downtown at the Glass Museum! Of course I have others that include my wonderful family but I am in love with the colors in this photo!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Tri turned into a Duathlon!

On May 5th of this year I started to train for my first Triathlon! I wasn't quite sure how it was going to fit into my schedule as I was a single parent to four while my husband was away at training. I listened to a new friend, Melissa, and committed to the first two weeks of training without taking breaks. Now it feels like second nature and I may even continue training throughout the year (if facilities for swimming are available in Spain). I am not the greatest swimmer and kind of afraid of open water away from shore. I don't know how I survived living in Hawaii, I think it was the uncautiousness of adolescents. I have technique down but my breathing is still something I am fighting with. I found myself on my back a lot during training and was stressed about whether the backstroke was going to get me through the race. I was encouraged by my fellow trainees to use the stroke that worked best for me no matter what that was. I loved the biking and even more so once I was able to get a road bike. I found myself going fast and liked it. I was constantly trying to beat my fastest speed which topped out at 38mph. Running isn't my favorite but when it comes to competitive races I find it thrilling to try and keep up. For two weeks before the race, I was pretty nauseous anytime I thought about the swim. The night before my house was pretty clean. The morning of the race I was fine not stressed just excited. I got there and my family helped me set up my equipment and I met up with my fellow trainees. We were briefed and headed to the lake, I was still good to go. It wasn't until the gun went off, we took off and then the water churned and people were bumping into me that I panicked. I panicked about panicking in deep water and turned back to shore, passing this very cute older couple taking their time. As I look back I should have hung out with them and taken deep breaths and my time! Because I got out of the water I disqualified and sobbed. My husband was off in the distance clicking away at the camera and the sight upset me even more because he was so excited and I didn't want to disappoint. He comforted me, like he always does, he is great! I headed over to clean up my gear and Melissa and Susan were there encouraging me to just get on my bike and finish the race regardless of disqualifying. The bike and run were awesome and so much fun! We ended with a yummy celebration lunch! I look forward to trying again if possible or even relaying with someone who enjoys swimming!

First Haircut!

My handsome little man finally received his first haircut after 2 1/2 years. I had reservations about letting go of his baby whispies. I thought they looked so cute. I love his neat look even better now and he is such a little man! Change can be good!

Sisters and Best Friends

Our Family has not been missing we have just been enjoying one another. My husband returned from training the beginning of June and we have been doing things to enjoy locally before we make our big transition to Spain. Trips to the Zoo, park days, picnics and fun around the house. I love the above photo it shows that there is so much love even if they don't always get along.
Our move has many more questions than it already had when we started this process. My husband has to leave for a month of training before we head out to Spain. We are hoping that everything here can be taken care of before he leaves and our stuff we be well on its way before we get into the country. I am so thankful for the connections we have made during out stint here. It is great to know that God has truly blessed us with people who feel like family. Even those new relationships we are fostering are going to be greatly missed!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday!

Today our daughter turned 7! At 5:40 pm, she was officially 7! Our pregnancy with her was totally planned but still a huge surprise. Dan had to go through surgery in order for us to try and have a baby. We were told not to expect much the first couple of years but 3 months later we were pregnant. I was a Career woman at the time and my husband and I decided my place was at home and I got out of the Air Force. We decided to have a home birth. We did not have any complications and on May 15th at 11 am I went into labor. We were in labor for 31 hours. Our daughter was born at home in a birthing tub. It was a wonderful experience. My husband helped deliver her and was the first hold her. Today we celebrated (sadly without Dad) with ballet photos, lunch at a favorite restaurant and then to our favorite little cupcake joint. We had a blast!
Just days old!One year!
And..... SEVEN

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lost the Training Wheels, Finally!

My daughter is going to be 7 on May 16th. She has outgrown her current bike but for the longest time refused to take off her training wheels. The deal was that she could not get a new bike unless she learned how to ride without training wheels. For the past year she has whined and complained about this statement. About a week ago she asked me take them off of her bike, three days later she was riding all by herself. Now I saw this whole experience going down like World War 3. She is a very strong headed little girl and I have always thought much more than I ever was. I have heard horrible stories about learning to ride my bike that my family loves to tell me in full detail. I blamed my dad for every fall, at least I think that is how it went. It must have been a traumatizing time in my life because I have erased it from my memory. I seriously do not remember learning to ride my bike. Back to my daughter. She did not complain, did not want my help because she "wanted to learn it the right way". I am not quite sure how I was going to teach her to do it wrong but she has pretty much mastered the task. I am amazed at her independence during this task. She is growing up to be a beautiful, warm, caring and smart little lady.

Monday, May 4, 2009


This morning I had one of those slap in the face moments. Over the weekend I was dealing with some inner turmoil and was not looking to be very forgiving to the one who hurt my feelings. This is definitely an area I need prayer and hard work. Here is the email I received as a gentle reminder of the change I need.

Forgiveness Isn't Cheap
Nancy Leigh DeMoss: True forgiveness isn’t cheap. Imagine that someone borrows $1,000 from you. They promise to pay back $100 every month, but then you never see a check. They just don’t have any money to pay.

Then imagine that God pricks your heart and challenges you to forgive that debt. He’s given you so much that you want to bless this other person. When you erase the debt, you’re the one who has absorbed the $1,000 loss. Forgiveness is costly!

The same thing is true when someone hurts us. Forgiveness isn’t cheap then, either. But God has called us to forgive others, just like He’s forgiven us. Jesus was willing to pay for our sin. It cost Him everything.

Is there someone who owes you big-time? Would you say, “Lord, because of all You’ve done for me, I’m willing to pay the price; I’m willing to absorb the debt; I’m willing to forgive”?

With Seeking Him, I’m Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Wonderful Retreat!

Last Monday my husband and I asked the questions "What should we do with your next few days off work?" The answer was a couple day get away to Long Beach, Wa. I was so nice to get away from the everyday chores and just sit and relax with my family. Yes we went to the beach and yes it rain sideways most days we were there but it was the best time spent with my family. My husband and I were able to sit and enjoy each other's company by a fire while the kids slept in the next room. We visited little museums and ate seafood everyday. The twins went swimming for the first time and loved it.
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