Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beautiful Friday!

Just wanted to share one of my favorite photos from our day downtown at the Glass Museum! Of course I have others that include my wonderful family but I am in love with the colors in this photo!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Tri turned into a Duathlon!

On May 5th of this year I started to train for my first Triathlon! I wasn't quite sure how it was going to fit into my schedule as I was a single parent to four while my husband was away at training. I listened to a new friend, Melissa, and committed to the first two weeks of training without taking breaks. Now it feels like second nature and I may even continue training throughout the year (if facilities for swimming are available in Spain). I am not the greatest swimmer and kind of afraid of open water away from shore. I don't know how I survived living in Hawaii, I think it was the uncautiousness of adolescents. I have technique down but my breathing is still something I am fighting with. I found myself on my back a lot during training and was stressed about whether the backstroke was going to get me through the race. I was encouraged by my fellow trainees to use the stroke that worked best for me no matter what that was. I loved the biking and even more so once I was able to get a road bike. I found myself going fast and liked it. I was constantly trying to beat my fastest speed which topped out at 38mph. Running isn't my favorite but when it comes to competitive races I find it thrilling to try and keep up. For two weeks before the race, I was pretty nauseous anytime I thought about the swim. The night before my house was pretty clean. The morning of the race I was fine not stressed just excited. I got there and my family helped me set up my equipment and I met up with my fellow trainees. We were briefed and headed to the lake, I was still good to go. It wasn't until the gun went off, we took off and then the water churned and people were bumping into me that I panicked. I panicked about panicking in deep water and turned back to shore, passing this very cute older couple taking their time. As I look back I should have hung out with them and taken deep breaths and my time! Because I got out of the water I disqualified and sobbed. My husband was off in the distance clicking away at the camera and the sight upset me even more because he was so excited and I didn't want to disappoint. He comforted me, like he always does, he is great! I headed over to clean up my gear and Melissa and Susan were there encouraging me to just get on my bike and finish the race regardless of disqualifying. The bike and run were awesome and so much fun! We ended with a yummy celebration lunch! I look forward to trying again if possible or even relaying with someone who enjoys swimming!

First Haircut!

My handsome little man finally received his first haircut after 2 1/2 years. I had reservations about letting go of his baby whispies. I thought they looked so cute. I love his neat look even better now and he is such a little man! Change can be good!

Sisters and Best Friends

Our Family has not been missing we have just been enjoying one another. My husband returned from training the beginning of June and we have been doing things to enjoy locally before we make our big transition to Spain. Trips to the Zoo, park days, picnics and fun around the house. I love the above photo it shows that there is so much love even if they don't always get along.
Our move has many more questions than it already had when we started this process. My husband has to leave for a month of training before we head out to Spain. We are hoping that everything here can be taken care of before he leaves and our stuff we be well on its way before we get into the country. I am so thankful for the connections we have made during out stint here. It is great to know that God has truly blessed us with people who feel like family. Even those new relationships we are fostering are going to be greatly missed!
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