Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sisters and Best Friends

Our Family has not been missing we have just been enjoying one another. My husband returned from training the beginning of June and we have been doing things to enjoy locally before we make our big transition to Spain. Trips to the Zoo, park days, picnics and fun around the house. I love the above photo it shows that there is so much love even if they don't always get along.
Our move has many more questions than it already had when we started this process. My husband has to leave for a month of training before we head out to Spain. We are hoping that everything here can be taken care of before he leaves and our stuff we be well on its way before we get into the country. I am so thankful for the connections we have made during out stint here. It is great to know that God has truly blessed us with people who feel like family. Even those new relationships we are fostering are going to be greatly missed!

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