Friday, May 8, 2009

Lost the Training Wheels, Finally!

My daughter is going to be 7 on May 16th. She has outgrown her current bike but for the longest time refused to take off her training wheels. The deal was that she could not get a new bike unless she learned how to ride without training wheels. For the past year she has whined and complained about this statement. About a week ago she asked me take them off of her bike, three days later she was riding all by herself. Now I saw this whole experience going down like World War 3. She is a very strong headed little girl and I have always thought much more than I ever was. I have heard horrible stories about learning to ride my bike that my family loves to tell me in full detail. I blamed my dad for every fall, at least I think that is how it went. It must have been a traumatizing time in my life because I have erased it from my memory. I seriously do not remember learning to ride my bike. Back to my daughter. She did not complain, did not want my help because she "wanted to learn it the right way". I am not quite sure how I was going to teach her to do it wrong but she has pretty much mastered the task. I am amazed at her independence during this task. She is growing up to be a beautiful, warm, caring and smart little lady.

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