Friday, October 3, 2008

How should allowance be handled?

Our daughter is now at an age where she is able to understand (if only a little) that money does not grow on trees. We have gone back and forth on how much, when and what for she should get an allowance. Her responsibility is minimal and we have been paying her $1.00 a week for the things she has been doing. She is to make her bed, clean her room, put her clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, help set and clear the table. I have talked to friends and read in a number of articles that these things are expected of her age and not appropriate to pay for. How then do we teach money management? Will this lead to unrealistic expectations into adulthood? I found great tips on Children and Chores. I have yet to find what should be paid for! Any suggestions, thoughts, or resources?

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  1. good question. we haven't wuite crossed that bridge yet. But I do agree with allowances. MAybe having her help with dishes. Teaching her she has chores as does everyone in the house also teaches that everyone pitches in, in a family and we all get rewarded whether it is just a clean house :) or savings in a piggy bank... hmmNot sure if that helped or where I stand. I do agree that some of the "chores" are expected..but where do we start and where is the line. let me know what you decide:)


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