Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Youngest did not want to co-operate with me, my oldest was a Poser!

Check out the face of my little one! She was not happy with the fact that I put her back in the stroller. I only let one of them out at a time today since there were quite a few kids already running around. That way I could keep a close eye on the one running around! I am not sure if that was the best idea but it sounded good at the time! I did get a couple of shots that I like today.

I am not sure which one of these photos I prefer. I do like the straight out of the camera shot but I like the softness in the second one!
This is my favorite for the day! I love that she is so willing to pose and play...I only hope my little ones start to enjoy it as well!

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know you have a blog!

    Your kids are so adorable! Those are some great pictures of your daughter!


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