Thursday, October 2, 2008

I didn't know I didn't have a stance!

I am a pretty simple girl. The things that don't affect me usually don't bother me. When I see something horrible I am sad, uplifting or great I am happy. I am having a hard time delving into my newest class towards my associates degree! Ethics! Who knew there was so much to learn about right and wrong and the evolving arguments for and against those issues. So I am supposed to write a 700-2000 word essay on Reproductive Technologies. This encompasses cloning, stem cell research, genetic screening and a few others. How can I not have a stance for or against. I personally agree with certain parts of the theory while others strike me as something we should be cautious about. Take stem cell research, the theory behind sounds like a great solution to many diseases. As a christian and a believer that there is a being at conception (this is a whole other debate in itself), I can not say that I agree with the process with which they harvest these stem cells...any who I am having a hard time formulating any kind of idea as to which side to write my essay on! Just thought I would vent a little about the new joys of having to use my brain for things more than the day to day. I think it because I have not ever encountered a reason to take a stance on an issue such as this.

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  1. this is definately and interesting topic. I see how you are having a hard time picking a there no grey in the middle??? :)


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