Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home Schooling!

My husband and I are in the midst of deciding if and when to go about Home Schooling our oldest daughter. We want what is best for our family. We have found such great support from all of those we have talked with this about! Thank you to everyone who has given us prayers, feedback and advice! We would like to teach our children in a christian based curriculum. Our school district here is lacking and we do not feel that our daughter is meeting her full potential! I have come across a list of Pros and Cons!

The pros:
Educational Freedom
Physical Freedom
Emotional Freedom
Religious Freedom
Closer Family Relationships
Stability During Difficult Times
Well-Rested Kids
No Busywork

The Cons:
Time Restraints
Financial Restraints
Being with Your Kids 24/7 (I don't really see this as a con if you have a supportive/helpful husband/partner/support system)
Limited Team Sports
Living Outside the Norm

Looking over this list of Pros and Cons, the Cons aren't all that bad. We are already a one income family, I have a wonderfully supportive husband, I love being with my kids. This is the choice we are leaning closer to at this point. Thank you again to all who have invested time in us!

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  1. Just a thought I had or maybe its a question... And your kids might b different about this but when do they get time away from you? You will be their mom, their teacher, their counselor, their friend, etc... I know that my kids get tired of me and need breaks from me. Madison might not be like that, but it was just a thought i had. I wish you the best of luck. I have heard good things about homeschooling, the only negative I'veheard is the social aspect, learning to play with their peers, but if you have already established friendships for her then it shouldn't be a problem.


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