Monday, September 22, 2008

What a week!

This last week has definitely been some what of a test I think. Our schedules got just a little busier with swim practice, Mops, Photography Class, Surgery, Colds and an Emergency room visit.

My DH had elective surgery so that we won't have any little surprises! He has done great except the following Dr. orders part. He shouldn't be lifting more than 15 pounds but with two 19 month old toddlers I think he finds it unrealistic. He really has taken it like a champ though!

Our oldest is finally back in swim and is loving it. I love that she is getting some physical activity and having fun at the same time! She is really enjoying 1st grade!

Mops was wonderful. It was nice to meet some new moms that are in the same life stages and facing the same challenges! I am looking forward to what this year is going to bring!

My photography class was so much fun, not so much that the class itself was fun (just an introductory and meet others and find out what everyone expects to learn) but my friend Angelina is so funny and such a blast to hang out with. I hope I don't distract her too much during class...I guess my oldest gets talking in class naturally! I am super excited to learn and play!

The cold season is upon us and I believe it has run its course in our house. I apologize to all those we have come in contact with and shared the joy with.

So onto the ER visit...I did things differently when I picked my daughter up from school on Friday. I drove to get her, which I normally do not do. I didn't unlock my door before getting the kids out of the van. I got my son out and turned to get my daughter out when he decided to go look at dad's bicycle. He pulled it over on himself. From behind, it looked as though it just kind of landed in his lap but when I picked it up and looked at him, he had a nice gash on the top of his head. I walked all of the kids over to our most awesome neighbors house and they helped me get him cleaned up a little bit. I left the girls with them and my husband (who made it home fairly quickly) and I took him to the ER. We waited for 3 hours but we left with one staple in the front of his head. He was fine with everything. I had a hard time not feeling like the worst mother in the world and felt a little nauseous, the head bleeds a lot! He is great and we should have the staple removed Wednesday or Thursday! I pray I can handle what ever this next week brings!

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  1. Sounds like you have a great support system. Neighbors and husband. Accidnets happen. Don't beat yourself up!


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