Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Husband!

Happy Birthday to my husband! Yesterday we celebrated my husband's birthday! I hope that he knows I feel like the luckiest girl because of him. I hope that he had a great afternoon at least. I know his day at work is not quite what he was expecting. He seemed to enjoy his gifts. Our oldest picked out exactly what she wanted to get him. A pair of Guitar Hero pj shorts and a diet coke. She was very specific in getting him the diet coke, knowing that it is his favorite drink. She is no longer allowed to know anything that is supposed to be a surprise. I had invited over his best friend for cake and ice cream but did not tell him. About an hour before they got here she yells down the hall "When are they supposed to get here?" I also did not tell him I got a cake that he asked for. I did not bake just so he couldn't smell whether or not we got one...she tells him that there are so many candles that we have to light it outside or we might burn the house down...It was pretty funny. But in some fashion my husband usually finds out about any surprise we have for him...I find it pretty frustrating because it makes it so hard to do anything special for him...oh well, we got a good laugh out of it. The babes loved their cake. I love little man's face...Baby girl loves cleaning up! I am so blessed with the family God has blessed me with. I hope that my husband had a wonderful birthday and feels just as blessed as I do!

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  1. Happy Birthday Dan! Sorry your surprise was spoiled, but you still had fun!!! I met MAdison felt bad...


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