Sunday, September 14, 2008

One of those Days

Today was one of those days where you just can't get things going the way you think they should. My poor husband is laid out after having his vasectomy. And I am left to do all myself. Not that I mind taking care of my family, I have just become so dependant on having a partner to help with the day to day! It started when I put the twins in bed to get a shower. My son thought it a good idea to take off his diaper and proceed to pee in his bed! My oldest was being difficult. I don't think anyone in my family handles change very well! We very much needed to go grocery shopping. I took all three kids by myself. I took the stroller in and pulled the cart. My son is getting too heavy for the stroller, so that was becoming hard to push. As my cart began to fill, it was becoming hard to pull...I finally left my cart, took the stroller to the van and transferred my groceries to a car cart and strapped the kids in. My baby girl cried last 1/2 of our shopping trip. Thank you to my friend for getting me out of my house, even if there was a couple of hiccups. Kids being kids...Hopefully my 6 year old isn't banished after the hitting. I have to remember that God never gives us more than we can handle. I have to remember that how I react to situations is rubbing off on my children and that is how they will learn to shed their frustration. This next week is bringing much change. Our oldest is starting her swim back up, my husband will now be practicing with our church band at least twice a month, I am starting a photog class, and our church home group is starting back up. My only concern is that with our oldest now in school all day and this being the busiest our family has been that we are not putting too much on our plates...I am excited about it all though!
I pray for guidance as a wife/parent and good human being!

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