Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend GetaWay

This weekend we took another impromptu Vacation.  A vacation to another country.  A vacation to Portugal, only about 3 hours drive.   It was even a vacation from my camera. 

We stayed in a resort.  I loved the colors, the tiny but efficient spaces and I could so see my self living in it.  Simplicity, Amazing!
When not in our room we were hanging out at the pool.  Piped relaxation sounds mixed with techno, hard to imagine yet so relaxing.  The kids played in the kiddie pool.  They pretty much had it to themselves.  The perks of being a home school family, vacationing off season!

All of our kids wanted to do nothing more than stay out at the pool all day, we did what we could to oblige. Not to mention it wore them out and they slept amazingly.

If not lying by the pool I was laying on our patio.  Oh yes it was a vacation of laying around, not seeing sights and I am perfectly happy with not having a plan.  It was perfect.

You may be wondering, why so many photos of my son.  I don't love him more than the other two, he was just more cooperative than usual with the camera and again I am perfectly fine with that.  The above photo is proof that I was there too!

My youngest has her dad's appreciation for the finer meats of Europe.
It was perfect for our family!

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