Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Today I really feel like I am ranting, ranting about me.  I have made choices in my life that others don't understand and at times I have to ponder as to why or remind myself why the choice was made in the first place.

My newest decision is one to be a Vegetarian.  Why you may ask?  I don't really have a clear answer to this one.  I have never been a fan of meat, if given the choice I will take a vegetable over a steak any day!  In two months I have had two slip ups.  One for Ikea Meatballs and one to taste my husbands swordfish steak.  Seafood is something I am okay with not cutting out completely.  I don't want those around me to think I am on a "Don't hurt the animals campaign".  I have read about reduced risks of cancer, heart disease and obesity associated with those who choose to eat this way.  Eat your meat, if it brings you Joy who am I to dispute it.

By the way if you haven't tried a veggie burger yet, you really are missing out!

Another people ask me why and I have a hard time answering is Why Home School?  I want my kids to be with me.  I have a hard time with others caring for my kids unless I know them pretty well!  I like to think of it as my full time job.  I don't worry where they heard certain things (as much) because 95% of it comes from my husband and I.  I do love how much all three learn even though I am only "schooling" the oldest.  I love the freedom, freedom to take a vacation, freedom to do what we want, learn what is on our hearts and learn together.  I love that we can have Bible based themes throughout what we are learning!  Every Opportunity is a teaching lesson.
Even a trip to a local town is education.  This photo is courtesy of my daughter, she is given a camera and takes photos of the things she finds interesting!

Why did I decide to birth my first born at home?  Because I don't like going to the doctor and wanted to go on to my own bed and not be bothered.  It worked for us and had I not been pregnant with twins, we would have explored doing the same with the next pregnancy.  My parents were not exstatic about this at all!

Why am I having such a hard time deciding to go back to school?  Because I have a full time job. Because I am lazy.  Because I am afraid.

I have a problem controlling myself when it comes to eating Rice cakes and Hummus! 
My husband agrees, I have a savory disposition so not sweet at all!

I feel blessed everyday.  My husband has a huge interest in my passions, our marriage and our family.  My kids don't mind being with me all the time and I miss them when I do get the rare chance to grocery shop on my own.  We are all wacky, God loving homebodies!  It is our perfect.
That is all I have today!  Hope you all feel blessed.

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