Friday, September 10, 2010

Top Ten things I Loved on our weekend away

1. Breaking away from the routine all the while sharing it my family.

2. Round about Art.
Each round about had some cool sculpture to enjoy.  If I didn't get car sick I would have asked my husband to go around a few times to fully enjoy them.

3. Round abouts~as depicted in the photo above there is a round about and a stop light.  A little over the top and made me appreciate the round about system much  more.  We are not going to know how to drive when we get back to the states.

4.  Hidden Bathroom~Saturday morning after getting ready in our rather tiny bathroom esp. for five, I was questioned by a friend who accompanied us as to why we were all crammed in our tiny bathroom when there was a second much larger bathroom in one of the bedrooms.  All I could think about was getting back up to the room and finding this bathroom. Sure enough~behind the door in the kids room was a huge spectacular bathroom large enough for all us to be and do our thing.

5.  Seeing the ocean from our balcony. 

6. Our balcony~

7.  The food

This happens to be from an Italian Restaurant and so yummy.  We did get a Spanish appetizer, Melon con Jamon.

8.  Family Time

9. Family Friends

10. Sunrise. 
So far this is my favorite photo of the weekend...Day and Night represented...The entire moon there but not there.  The sun gently forcing its color across the sky.

The weekend was great!  I am looking forward to our next adventure. 

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