Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

This morning started at 4am because my husband wanted to watch the UFC fight.
They come on live here overseas and I enjoy watching them with him.  A friend actually got up and joined
us.  We had coffee and zucchini bread (made by a friend).  We went to church, I enjoy the refreshment and encouragement.  We enjoyed a wonderful homemade BBQ lunch, leftover from last night.  Love leftovers!!

After lunch, the kids went out and rode bikes, helped wash the car and picked clovers.  My son loves to wear his sister's helmet.  His concentration face cracks me up.

After a gloomy morning, the skies brightened up. 

While picking clovers, my kids found a worm.  I love that they are growning to love nature and not have fear of the creepy crawly's.

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