Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Husband

For my husband's birthday this year I decided we should  go on a little trip.  My intention was to book a hotel in Malaga.  I ended up booking a hotel in Fuengirola, a super cute little beach town about 20 mins away from Malaga.
On the way we stopped in Marbella (Mar-bay-ya), another town along the Mediterranean Coast.  Our GPS lead us down some interesting roads while we were looking for The Hard Rock Cafe.  Just when we quit looking it appeared.
It had been awhile since we had been to an American Restaurant, so we all studied the menu for quite some time.  The Veggie burger ended up being a favorite.  It was delish!

Our weekend was full on walking, shopping and eating.  Yummy toastado con aciete y tomate, Cafe con Leche, Chicken curry y tapas and a yummy Italian bistro on the beach boardwalk.  We swam with the kids, stayed up late and watched the nightlife from our balcony and enjoyed a break from daily routine.

We ate an Helado everyday.  Icecream on the beach taste so yummy!

My husband and son even got to channel their inner Nacho Libre.  Naaaachooooo!

I especially enjoyed the sunrises and sunsets...and sharing it with my family.

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