Saturday, April 23, 2011


I know I should be doing something around the house like folding my laundry or some other service to my family but I am enjoying the sound of my kids playing nicely together. Even if right now is following a couple of melt downs and tiffs among them.  I'll take the joy of this moment knowing they can enjoy one another and the realization that they trust one another enough to show each emotion boldly.  I just had to share that in my struggle to find Joy (this has been boosted by a friends gift of a great read but has been my longing for a long time) I am reading three books at once.  Within a couple of days of each passage read, I have come across the same idea in all three.  My sight is tainted.  I am not seeing the world through the goggles of Grace, a necessity to find Joy.  What is Grace?  How do I show Grace, see Grace, embrace Grace?  Is it through Thankfulness you find both Joy and Grace?  I was Thankful for not over reacting and becoming angry when I dropped two separate food items down my sink.  I was Thankful not for dropping them but for not losing my mind.  My prayer today is that my reactions carry over to my kids, not losing my mind when they trust me enough to test me.  To bestow Grace on them through Joy!

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  1. We are there Safe Harbor! Which is so wonderful but at times its such a huge responsibility and can be overwhelming.


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