Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Changes are on the Horizon!

We have been a homeschooling family for three years now.  To me, that seems like a long time, like I should know the best way of doing it.  Well, throw in changes in our goals, priorities, and morals.  Not to mention, changes in interest, the addition of interested preschoolers (as opposed to dis-interested, they were this a few months ago) and the ability to challenge minds in a way that benefits each child.  We are chucking our current curriculum, throwing caution to the wind and jumping right into a Charlotte Mason based education.  I have been researching alternatives for most of this school year, thinking I would use it next year.  Last week, I felt many things come together and God spoke to me.  I have my babes home with me.  I have the ability to change what is not working and I don't have to feel I am doing something wrong by not finishing the curriculum we started.  It wasn't working.  My husband and I are in love with the methods and theories of education and child-rearing that CM taught.  I feel this change in the entire family and our educational goals are going to lessen the stress and bring much more joy out of learning!  I am so excited to read through some of the classic novels suggested by other CM parents.  I don't remember having been exposed to them but want my children to find joy in them right along with Dad and I.  I am finding joy in where God has me now!  My family, the people he has placed as friends and mentors and the ability to love my blessings, his blessings!  My prayer is for continued Joy and for others to find a passion for the children, embracing their whole being and find JOY in the now!



  1. So is it a different homeschool approach?

  2. you just made me cry! :) God is good!
    love you friend!


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