Monday, October 4, 2010

Top In Blue

Yesterday we went to the base Kids Day picnic and Tops in Blue show.

Sparky the Fire Dog was there, who my son hugged about 25 times.  He loves all things Fireman/Firetruck/Firedog.

Giant inflatables

Proud boys going down all by themselves.  He is not one for seeking the thrills, this was a big step for him.  One time down, he was hooked!

This one on the other hand, has no fear.  She scares me!

Proud little girls of their Princess Tiger face paint.  Original design a' la my daughter.

Race bikes and questions like "Why are you over here mom?"  to which I respond "To watch you race."  I think I may have gotten an eye roll for combining my excitement to watch with keeping an eye on her.

Pinwheels and Popcorn (not pictured but worth mentioning since it was the main feature in my children's dinner last night)

And then the show, It was great.  The kids were entertained and my oldest questioned every technical aspect of the show.  I was ill equipped to answer. 

This was the girls favorite outfit from the night.  Hopefully their sense of style changes!

It was a great night!  Great show, Great friends and of course my Awesome Family!

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