Wednesday, October 6, 2010

But We're Not French...

I am updating this post to add it to a soup recipe bank on .

So a couple of days ago I was determined to come up with a menu and shopping list at least for the week.  I have been craving a creamy super yummy soup.  So I decided to find some new recipes for homemade creamy soups.  The one I found and really liked the sound of was Creamy Leek and Potato Soup.  I read that it is what Mothers in France make for their children when they aren't feeling well.  Sounded healing and comforting.

Saute 2 Leeks and 1 Shallots in butter or olive oil

Until they are tender

Add 2 Baking potatoes and 2 cups of stock (I used Veggie)
Cook until potatoes are soft

Puree the Vegetables and Stock
Add 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup Cream, Salt, Pepper and Fresh Lemon Juice to taste

Plate up and top with cheese
In our case, I used Parmesan but the recipe called for Stilton Cheese.  I couldn't find that in the commissary but after researching (after doing the shopping) found out it is a British brand of Bleu Cheese.  I really think it would have been better with the recommended cheese but the Parm was a good substitute.  Serve with a yummy crusty bread.
I devoured this soup, I loved it.  My family on the other hand filled up the on fresh bread instead.  After telling them this is what kids eat in France, my 8 year old replied with "But Mom, we are not French!"

This recipe will be used often but I will make it and enjoy it myself for a yummy lunch.

Hopefully my family enjoys the Pumpkin soup I plan on making next week.

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  1. I made homemade butternut squash soup last night that was very yummy. Everyone (except Gabriel) liked it, John was just disappointed there was a meal with no meat. haha. But I can give you the recipe if you want its very easy. I love soups, so I will be waiting for your new recipes. And this is the perfect time of year.


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