Friday, October 1, 2010


So the term Lapbooking is Greek to me, but we are giving it a go! We are going to do it along with our regular lessons adding information we find to our book over the next two months. If it is something we enjoy then we will do one a month on a topic of interest to the kids or a corresponding holiday. For October and November, we are going to work on Autumn. This will include our extras for Thanksgiving as well. The little ones can even to do this. A couple of activities a week are not going to overwhelm them. This is my favorite season by far. Smells, tastes and colors are all so wonderful!

We color!

We glue!

We draw leaves.

The twins did a wonderful job of drawing on their own with the colors of Autumn.

We have the cover to our book!  Now to find fun facts!

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