Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things...

All around the table

Working on our letter recognition
This one thought it was funny to make silly words

Starting the day right
 After a long break, we are getting back into the swing of things.  Our break was so nice.  It felt great to just relax at home, spending quality time with the family.  Of course our families back home were missed, but we truly enjoyed time with our family away from family.  Mondays are usually more difficult but this last Monday went quite smooth.  Now on Thursday, things are moving quite nicely.  I am trying to get the twins used to doing something at the table with us.  Boggle Jr. has been a great addition and has made me realize that they know more than I give them credit for.  We have had so much to be Thankful for. I am looking forward to the growth our family will go through in 2012. God has blessed our family!  Happy new yeaR!

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