Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Success

This morning I read about being content.  This struck me "We need to reject our cultural definitions of success.  A successful life is one that begins with the Bible's view of what really matters:  knowing and loving God"  ~Anon
This gives me peace about my families decision for me not to return to school at this time.  I may not be perfect at what I do but I have been given the gift of my family.  I am the mother to my three by design and God chose me for them.  My little ones will only be little for a short time and I want to have a hand in instilling what is important and building character in them.    


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  1. We are driven by the cultural definition of success. It is a lie! Satan wants us distracted, running in every direction, striving to live up to the expectations of ourselves and others. There is nothing wrong with pursuing an education, but you are so right - they are only little once. You giving yourself to your family, to grow them to know the Lord and to bless them... that is God's design for motherhood. Be blessed as you embrace it without as many distractions. You have a lifetime to get your education, but not with those little ones in your home.


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