Sunday, June 20, 2010

One of those days

Today is one of those in Photography, well actually one of those weeks.  I have felt uninspired and like I am traveling backwards on the learning curve.  Earlier in the week I set out to do shots of friends.  I came home and felt my shots were not up to par with what she was looking for (Luckily I am not in business just probono to learn).  I am blaming poor lighting choices on my part and I am looking forward to trying again. Today I set out to create some nice shots for my husband for Father's Day on Father's Day.  My shots were all blown out, blurry and just dreary!  I am having a brain lapse and can't figure out if it is light, camera settings, operator error.  I feel like all I have learned and studied has been washed down the drain.  As much as I am not liking the feeling of inadequate~ness, I am hoping that even professionals still have bad days.  I love taking photos and I know we are not all perfect all the time.  I am going to continue to practice and play and love it, even on my bad uninspiring days.

On a note of progress, I did create my first storyboard and I love it.  Learning to love it all...

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