Monday, February 9, 2009

A Month Gone, Where did it go?

So it has been 1 month to the day since my last post. We have had another change for our family once again. We have moved into a new house.

After gaining my 16 year old stepson we needed a four bedroom so that he could have a space of his own. We took him to Ikea yesterday so that he could pick out a comforter set for his room. I felt it was important for him to have something in there that he picked out.

The whole family is enjoying our new place. The older two are not having to share with the little ones and the twins are back together and doing so much better at night.

The twins truly do keep things interesting. Yesterday morning I went into their bedroom and both had taken off their diapers and thrown them on the floor. Luckily there were no huge messes to be cleaned up and no one had any accidents.

The do look so cute when they are being naughty.

We also have gone almost a full week without a pacifier for our little girl. She has been so dependant on one for so long. Her face began to crack and bleed one night from always having the paci in her mouth and then it always being wet. I decided she needed to throw it away, which she did. She still occasionally whines for it but I distract her with something else. Now we put her to bed with a book. A much better habit, I think!

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  1. nice! miss the greenery around there! Glad you updated, i was starting to worry about ya!


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