Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Should now read "Double Blessed plus one plus one!"

We are being blessed by many changes! Our oldest daughter started Home school on Monday and that is going great. The twins are not wanting to play as nicely as I had hoped but I am sure once it becomes daily routine they will start to enjoy it! My step son is also coming to live with us. For how long I am not sure but I am excited for him to come! He is a great kid who needs his dad right now! I pray we are able to help him in any way he may need! This is going to be such a blessing. Please keep us in your prayers as I am sure all the kiddos involved are going to feel the change! Love to everyone!


  1. Jake and Chris? He/they will do very well under your guys care. Wishing u guys alll the best!

  2. your guys guidance will be wonderful for him. Chris and Jake?


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