Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well Wednesday I turned 28 and as I told a friend of mine I do not feel as old as my parents made me think I would when getting so close 30. I had the most wonderful day. My husband took almost the whole week off for my birthday. I was forced to open my presents as soon as we got out of bed, hence the reason there is not a photo. I would not want ingrain your mind with that Horror. Hehe! My husband got me a new lens for my camera. I am excited to get to play with it. My daughter got me the most beautiful pair of earrings. They actually look like they picked out a set with each of our family's birthstones, it just happened that way! My family took me out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. It is one of my favorites, of course we ate way too much. I do tend to have an over active imagination. My mom called me at 700 and she called back at 1030. Both calls I missed, I tried calling her and my dad back at noon but could not get ahold of either of them....since my husband was taking me to a resteraunt not too far from the airport I just knew my parents would be meeting us for lunch. It all fit. They called right before their first flight and then called during their layover. I was excited when I thought my husband missed his turn and was headed for the next exit which would take us to the airport. Didn't happen! I still had hope that they would be meeting us at the mall after lunch when my mom finally called back and inquired about my location. I was looking at everyone but none were my parents. Not this year maybe next...My husband thinks I am crazy! He laughs that it has taken me 28 years to become an adult....Aside from my imagination, my birthday was great. My husband and kids were so great to me and thank you to all my friends who wished me a happy birthday!

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