Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It has been awhile Old Friend!

This blog and I have not always seen eye to eye!  I love writing out my thoughts, prayers and ponderings, but time, priorities and sleep have taken hold of me.  It has been way to long! 

So what's new!

In our homeschooling world, we have finished our first term with Charlotte Mason, taken and small hiatus and begun our second term.  Our oldest is still loving this different approach and the twins love to cuddle with a good story and "do school". 

Our home life has been altered a bit.  My 17 year old stepson has moved in and is so excited to be doing his last years of High School in Spain.  While this is a wonderful change, it is still change.  I am the most resistant to change, only because I like control.  This is growing process for us all because I know in my head I am not in control but now I need my heart to follow suit.  He is a great kid.  He has hopes of doing things he didn't in years before and it is fun to see him excited!  The little people are all fascinated with him and love having a big brother.

My mother in law came to visit a few weeks ago.  It was nice to show family where we live, how different and wonderful living abroad is.  I am excited to do it all again when my parents come out.  I am not counting down the days or anything!

We have a couple things our family is prayer for, we just ask for your prayer in choices that have presented themselves in quite a few places and people. 

We are truly blessed to be right where God has us.  Hugs and love to family and friends!


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